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Welcome to SELING

SELING has spezialized in steel forms and productions systems for the manufacture of L-shaped concrete retaining walls with an experience of over 30 years!

Why L-shaped retaining walls?
  • Effective heights ranging from 55 cm to 655 cm
  • The static system (L-shape in combination with internal reinforcements) is extremely strong and durable and can take up even the highest loads
  • Flexible in design due to unlimited surface designs
  • Cost-effective in production and installation


With SELING production systems you can benefit from over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of retaining walls and steel forms.

We don't just build forms, we use them!

We know the everyday problems and needs of concrete manufacturers. For several decades we have been constantly producing pre-cast components in several plants all over Germany while simultaneously developing and improving our own production systems. Our steel forms are technically-refined and fast and easy to handle.

Due to our experience in all these fields we can provide answers and solutions to any question related to usage, production and handling of retaining walls. SELING can provide static calculations and effective designs for even the most demanding projects, including curves and corners. We donít just provide vague instructions, but practical solutions based on individual needs.

SELING steel forms are based on a unit-composed system (bottom pallet, side and head form, base and base counter form, including rails). The modular system allows you to make flexible adjustments at any time.

The extremely rugged construction of our steel forms ensures a very long service life, even at daily usage, while keeping very low dimensional tolerances for all concrete components.

Our goal is to provide individual concepts for production systems that are tailored to your companyís unique requirements. You are more than welcome to visit our production plants in Germany at any time for a guided tour and a showcase of the production lines based on our steel forms.

Convince yourself and test our systemís flexibility and efficiency in a
realistic environment!

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