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Throughout history man has challenged the limits of nature by building roads, homes and bridges in unfavourable and rugged conditions. Engineers have always relied on earth-retaining systems to help bring such projects to reality. L-shaped retaining walls with internal reinforcements are the optimal solution for these conditions.

  • L-shaped walls can be produced ranging from 55 cm to 655 cm in effective height, with no need for reinforcing geo-grid up to heights of 450 cm
  • perfectly vertical walls that take up very high loads up to the front edge to maximize the use of valuable land, based on their static design (L-shape in combination with internal reinforcements). The L-shape is the most space-saving system available
  • almost pore-free, perfectly smooth surfaces with chamfered edges as well as an unlimited choice of textured finishes, achieving architectural brilliance every time. SELING offers its own form liners, perfectly adjusted to our steel forms, in many distinctive designs. Our steel forms can also easily be enhanced with third party form liners.
  • L-shaped walls provide superior strength and structural integrity combined with low-weight construction to realise savings on concrete and transportation costs that result in a competitive edge for your business. Furthermore precast components are almost weather-independent
  • efficient and practical solutions for every application site, including convex or concave designs and corners of various degrees

SELING walls have one visible and one rear side. The front surface can be manufactured both perfectly smooth and pore-free with chamfered edges or in almost endless structured designs with the help of a liner. Transportation and installation anchors are located on the rear side. The thicknesses of the wall along with the base length are adjustable in predefined grids and depend on site-specific design.

visible side

rear side
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