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At your request SELING can provide larger production plants with complete production systems to optimize the work flow. We offer professional consultation and planning to achieve the highest efficiency with systematically interlinked workstations. Our engineering staff is able to plan and construct systems and individual steel forms of any kind and based on your requirements.

Roller Conveyors

reduce distances between workstations
adjustable to every plant's operating needs
easy and fast extensions on your requirements
optimal working height


Casting and Vibration Station

simultaneous feeding and compaction
vibration times reduced to minimums
very uniform vibration results
system integrated for fast work flow


Demolding Station

open and assemble steel forms
demolding and storage of components
no additional hall crane needed


Curing Chamber

time-saving storage solution
energy-saving heating to support hydration
separate heating of individual cabins
very low space requirements


Rebar Processing Station

easy and fast handling
cost-efficient production of steel cages


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